7 Important Home Projects To-Do This Fall

Tasks homeowners should do this fall, so they don’t pay in winter.


As a homeowner in the Greater Toronto Area, Fall is the time to prepare your home for the winter. By taking a few proactive measures, you can make sure our home is ready to withstand the snow, the wind, and whatever else winter has in store.

By seeing to the following tasks before the first snowfall, you and your home should be ready for the upcoming winter season.

1. Paint Exterior Areas

Check the exterior of your property, such as : fences, gates, storage sheds, window sills, and other areas for chipping or peeling paint. If the paint isn’t properly protecting the wood, it will deteriorate over the winter.

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2. Clear out Gutters

Clean your gutters before the winter freeze sets in.  Leaves are one of the biggest culprits for clogging gutters and downspouts, if left uncleared, water and debris can build up inviting pests and mould which could cause extensive damage to your home. If there are several trees surrounding your home, consider investing in a gutter system with a leaf guard.


3. Seal Windows & Doorframes

Caulking around the windows and doorframes is one of the more cost-effective ways you can save money through the winter. By sealing any exposed air leaks, your heating system will work more efficiently, and your winter heating bill will go down. Proper sealing will also discourage  pests and mould.

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4. Insulate Your Home

Consider increasing or replacing your current insulation.  See that all of your exterior surfaces are properly insulated – such as your attic, roof, basement, walls, ducts, floors, and ceilings. If are able to increase the amount of insulation in your home, your heating bills could go down by 50% - 70%.

5. Inspect Your Heating System

Is your heating system ready for the rigors of the Toronto winter? Check to see how long it takes to heat up your home. If you find that it takes too long, or many rooms aren’t receiving adequate heat, then it may be time to hire a professional HVAC technician to take a look at it.

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6. Inspect the Roof

Wind, rain, ice and fluctuating temperatures take their toll on a roof over the winter. Take some time to check the quality of the shingles protecting your home and do any necessary repairs so you can avoid a leaky roof during the winter season.

7. Seal Your Driveway

Are there any cracks appearing on your driveway? It’s best practice to repair and fill the damaged areas then properly seal it afterwards. This will ensure your driveway is in good condition for many winters to come.