5 Renovation Projects That Will Boost The Value of Your Toronto Home

A new home renovation project has the ability to refresh, renew, and dramatically increase the value of your Toronto home. Here are a collection of home reno projects that are guaranteed to boost your home’s value.

1. Attic Insulation

attic insulation

Your home probably has insulation but, are you sure it’s adequate? Over time insulation can become less effective due to condensation or moisture – if this is your case you may consider replacing your insulation. When replacing your insulation ensure that you start with an effective vapour barrier. Or you could use a spray-foam insulation, it would act as both a vapour barrier and insulation. Depending on your budget – you may use spray-foam exclusively or you may use the foam as the base and add less expensive insulation on top.

Next your choice of insulation -  consider the budget and situation of your home. There are several types of insulation and each can be used effectively and in different ways depending on your home’s situation

Batts - Easy to install and lower cost

Batt insulation can be purchased at your local Big Box Store and you could install it all by yourself. You’ll need to take the necessary precautions but, you can do it. It works well if you’re insulating a new structure. They come in rolls of standard building widths.

Blown-In – Professional Installation and Medium Cost

The Blown in insulation requires special equipment and it has to be installed by a professional. It’s really great for insulating existing areas and areas with irregular shapes.

Spray-Foam or Foamed in Place – Professional Installation – Higher Cost

Spray-Foam insulation also requires professional installation.   As I mentioned earlier, it may also be used as a vapour barrier. It can be used effectively in existing areas.  When used in new building construction it provides superior insulation and it can make the building process faster.  

Having your home properly insulated will help with the value of your home. You will save on heating and cooling costs and it will be attractive to prospective home buyers. Estimates suggest 117% return on investment – if you insulate the attic.

2. Manufactured Stone Veneer: 

Preserving and maintaining your home's’ curb appeal is always a great investment.  The look of Stone Veneer can be very smart as an upgrade. When your home’s exterior siding needs to be replaced – it is wise to consider manufactured stone veneer. It is relatively light-weight – the slabs are chunky in appearance but, are sliced fairly thin.

If you’re replacing an area that was previously painted, the stone veneer can give your home a stately appearance. Since the new siding requires no upkeep – it can be very inviting for home buyers.  

You could see a return on your investment of the stone siding to be in the range of 93%.

3. Garage Door Replacement: 

Many homes have the garage door at the front of the home.  A few decades ago it was popular for garage doors to be a standout colour. The conventional thinking now; it’s best to have the colour of the garage doors blend in with the rest of the home’s cladding - especially if the doors are the largest part of your home’s curb-side exterior. Have new garage doors be part of your budget if you’re replacing or repairing any part of your home’s exterior.

Experts suggest you would recover 92% of the cost of your garage door renovation.

4. Entry Door Replacement (Steel): 

The front door is the best way your home has to make a good first impression. Colour and glass are often the hallmarks of a beautiful front door although, a stunning wood or steel door can also be very welcoming.

Installing a new steel door – it’s been estimated that you could receive up to 91% on the return on your investment.

5. Minor Kitchen Remodel: 

When you’ve been living in your home you can easily become ‘blind’ to the imperfections of your home.  Mismatched faucets, a dented stainless sink, peeling paint or a chip in the tile floor can seem like nothing, but to a prospective home buyer it can appear to be a result of a larger hidden problem – that just isn’t there. Repair these minor areas and home buyers will only see a fully functioning kitchen.

You can expect to recoup 83% of the cost of the materials in the renovation.

For more tips and expert insight into renovating your Toronto home, we urge you to check out the Bryant Renovations blog, or contact us for more information.