The Two Most Important Rooms For Condo Renovations


Which Condo Renovation Projects Are Worth The Cost?

The kitchen and bathroom are the two most important rooms in your condo, so whether you’re considering staying, renting or selling, these two rooms cannot be ignored!  Even if your condo is relatively new – you will want to keep your unit looking its best.

While mitigating factors outside of your control determine the value of your condo, ie., neighbourhood, amenities, commute times etc., there are many areas that are well within your control. Uphold the value of your Toronto condo by properly maintaining and renovating the floors, the lighting fixtures and the walls of the kitchen and bathroom.  These two rooms will give you the most “bang” for your buck!  


1. Revitalizing your condominium kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home. However, with a condo, the kitchen in addition to being the heart of the home is often the area people are first welcomed - therefore, it’s even more important that your kitchen make a statement.



Replacing tired, worn or damaged countertops is always recommended.  Consider a solid-surface, such as granite or quartz, for the new countertops, it is durable and stylish and not as expensive as you may think – there are a vast range of prices. These products come in a myriad of colours and, you can find the perfect colour to match your décor and design aesthetic.  

Cabinets & Storage

Condo kitchens tend to be on the smaller side, so it’s important to be smart about how the storage space is designed.  You don’t have to trade function for fashion, many cabinet manufacturers include ‘high-end’ features and ‘surprise’ elements throughout every product in their lines.  

Tip - Under-cabinet lighting can really make your entire kitchen pop.

Other upgrades to consider

  • Upgrade your faucets - a new faucet could be that “wow” factor that your kitchen has been missing.  

  • Upgrade your appliances – especially if they are over 10 years old. If you’d like your kitchen to appear larger, you may want to consider smaller appliances.

  • Upgrade your storage – No matter how much storage space you have – you could always use more.  Make sure your storage spaces are cleverly designed – it’s even better if they can be multi-purpose.

  • Upgrade your colour – with paint, tile or wallpaper. Add a splash of striking colour to give your kitchen a bold new look.  Be brave!  Step out of your comfort zone – you’ll be glad you did.

2. Upgrading the Appliances

Is your condo bathroom showing its age? Does it feel small and poorly designed?  Our experienced designers could help reconfigure the space so that it feels larger and up-to-date.


Demolishing your condo bathroom can often feel scary however, if you want to ensure the best renovation possible, it’s the best way to go. Over time bathrooms will often develop mould and mildew, if you completely gut your bathroom - you get to the root of the problem rather than just covering it up. Additionally, if you’re considering reconfiguring the space – it’s best to start with a clean slate.

Mary and Robin were looking to revitalize the outdated bathroom in their Toronto condo unit. See how we completely transformed their bathroom here.

Other upgrades to consider

  • Install a large mirror – the bigger the better.  It will instantly make the bathroom feel larger.

  • Install a walk-in shower – remove the bathtub.  Most homeowners prefer a standing shower, it could free up floor space.

  • Install floating shelves – another great way to create storage space without having to lose any floor or counter space.

There are several rules and procedures one must be aware of before they decide to renovate their Toronto condo unit. Please read our “10 Must-Know Requirements for Toronto Condo Renovations” to learn more.


Looking to Renovate Your Condo Bathroom or Kitchen?

Condo renovations offer a unique set of challenges to renovators. Knowing how to work with limitations to create truly stunning kitchens and bathrooms is a science. Trust the Toronto condo renovation professionals at Bryant Renovations to revitalize your condo unit.