Exterior Home Renovations

Are your guests always shocked to see how great the inside of your house looks? While a nice comment like that is always great to hear, part of the compliment could be attributed to the fact that the inside of your home is much nicer than the exterior. The outside of your home is the first impression your guests or neighbours get after all.

As a homeowner you take pride in your home; often to the exclusion of the exterior. Especially since we tend to spend so much of the year inside. If you feel your home could use a new exterior or a revitalization, you are in the right place.

Our expert architects are proud to offer our clients new decks, garages, porches, balconies and many of the other Toronto exterior renovation projects we specialize in achieving. In addition to increasing the value and the love of your home, our design experts will make sure the exterior of your home is both functional and fantastic.

We at Bryant Renovations understand how important a well maintained exterior is to the health of your family. Cracked foundations allow for mould to grow, leading to poor family health. Poorly installed or old windows can result in higher heating/cooling costs.

We will address your exterior needs whether it’s an addition or an interior renovation.  Bryant Renovations will ensure that your exterior not only meets or exceeds building code standards but, will aesthetically fit into your neighbourhood.

“We’ve received tons of compliments from admiring passers-by! Amazing!! Gorgeous porch! Love the new porch! Your new porch looks fantastic! Great job on the porch! One person even said “You must have an amazing architect!”

— Sheila, Toronto, ON

We have qualified and fully licensed home exterior design Toronto experts.  Call us to guide you through the renovation process that will make you fall in love with your home's exterior. Contact us today to get started!