Living Space Renovations

Remember the term Living Rooms?  At some point we realized – hey, we live in every room in the house!  So we’ve decided to call all the other rooms in your home Living Spaces.  We’ve included Bedrooms, Guest Rooms, Dens, Rec Rooms, Family Rooms, Great Rooms, Dining Rooms, Man Caves, Entertainment Rooms, Play Rooms and yes, even formal Living Rooms.

As a general contractor we don’t usually furnish the room – but, we make sure that room is well constructed, built to or exceeding Ontario Building Code standards.  You can be assured that the floor is level, the electrical is in the right place, the windows are properly installed, the doors fit perfectly.  Even decorative structural features such as a fireplace, a brick wall, or a column will all be installed to Bryant Renovations exacting standards.