How You Can Reduce Utility Costs With Your Home Renovation?

A home renovation offers a great opportunity to update your old appliances and improve energy efficiency in many areas of the home. With utility costs in the Greater Toronto Area seemingly always on the rise, many homeowners are seeking energy-efficient solutions to improve their home and lower their utility bills. When you are planning your next home renovation, keep the following energy and money saving tips in mind.

1. Low Flow Fixtures


Environment Canada estimates that in 2004, the average individual consumed 329 litres of water per day. The City of Toronto has consistently raised its rates , for water usage, by over 9% per annum for the better part of a decade. Upgrading your shower heads, toilets and faucets with low flow fixtures can reduce your water consumption by about half.

2. Weather Stripping

If you feel a draft entering any area of your home, you may as well envision money slipping right back out. Many homeowners may be surprised to find out that drafts are caused by actual gaps in their home, and those gaps are costing you big bucks. Properly sealing and weather stripping these areas will make those cool drafts go away, make your home feel warmer and save 10 to 15 percent on your energy bill.

3. Proper Insulation


Without proper insulation, your heating costs during a Toronto winter can be devastating. When your home is well insulated your furnace doesn’t need to expend as much energy since less heat is escaping. In the coldest winter months, proper insulation can save you anywhere from 10 to 50% on your heating bill.

4. Programmable Thermostat

The traditional thermostat has evolved in recent years. With many of the newer models offering the ability to control temperatures from your mobile phone, you could be half way around the world and saving money on your utility bills.  Many companies claim that utilizing a programmable thermostat correctly can save you anywhere from 10 to 30 percent annually on your heating and cooling bill.

5. Updating Your Old HVAC Equipment

A new programmable thermostat will allow your current HVAC system to work more efficiently, many older HVAC equipment systems may still struggle to meet the desired temperature. Before you consider replacing your current HVAC system, make sure the air filters are clean, the air ducts are properly sealed and, your home is properly insulated.

6. Update Your Older Appliances

Purchasing new appliances such as the washer and dryer, dishwasher and the refrigerator isn’t inexpensive. New, high efficiency, appliances can often be very expensive, however today’s leading appliances offer great energy efficient models that any decade old appliances wouldn’t be able to offer. While the initial buy-in costs may be high, the energy savings can really pay off in the long run.

7. Contacting an Expert in Home Renovation

The best way to ensure your new home renovation is going to make your home more energy efficient is by contacting an experienced Toronto renovation contractor. The best contractor will be able to quickly identify areas of your home that are costing you money and wasting energy and put a plan in place to make your home more energy efficient.

With over 25 years of home renovation experience, Bryant Renovations has been helping homeowners fall in love with their home all over again, while saving thousands in utility costs. If you are looking for a more efficient home, contact Bryant Renovations in Toronto for a free consultation today.