Questions to Ask Before Your Home Renovation


Avoid Renovation Regret

No matter the scale of your project – a home renovation is often a massive undertaking.

Here are several questions that you should be asking yourself before you settle on a contractor. You want to avoid a scenario where halfway through the renovation – you’re wondering if you’ve made the right decisions.

To prevent renovation mistakes or regret, have a home renovation plan, and ask yourself the following questions.


What about my home bothers me?

Spend extra time in the area of your home that you plan to renovate. Take note of what really bothers you, and make sure that it will be addressed in the renovation. Ask yourself questions like: Do I have sufficient and workable counter space? Do I have enough natural light? Is there clutter everywhere?

What are my “must-haves”?

What can’t be compromised on? You need to prioritize exactly what you want from your renovation. Now is the time to dream big!  Ask yourself… what is the one thing you cannot live without?

If your goal is to have an ensuite bathroom with double sinks, make sure your designer knows that.  


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Your home is feeling cramped and cluttered.  You have a big decision ahead of you: stay, redesign the interior space, build an addition or move to a larger home.  This is a decision that would involve the whole family. Ask everyone to consider the following reasons to stay or go: schools, neighbours, amenities, commute times, extended family members and daycare.

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Am I prepared for “what-ifs”?

During any renovation, there could be several hidden problems, that will affect your budget and schedule. Damage from water, pests, mould, if discovered, can set your renovation back a few days and thousands of dollars. Always have a contingency budget or plan in place.

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Will my renovation be suitable for my future?

Eventually, the kids will move out and your square footage needs will change. Try to envisage what your future self would want in your home. Either include that in your current renovation or leave room so “future you” can expand on what you’ve already started.

Do I trust my home contractors?

When you put your faith in the right design/build team, you can rest assured knowing that your project is being handled by professionals who will complete your job smoothly, to code, and in a timely manner. Before you hire a contractor ask: is this person licensed and do they have good reviews?

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Before you remodel your home, make sure you have all the bases covered so you and your family can get the most out of it. The Toronto design/build experts at Bryant Renovations have over 40 years of experience in delivering the right balance of style and function.  

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