4 Attic Renovation Ideas (Plus 3 things to consider before construction begins)

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Give New Life to Your Old Attic

Have you considering renovating your attic?  In addition to the extra living space – you may increase your property value.  

To ensure your attic renovation goes well, we’ve put together some helpful things to consider.

1. Transform to a home office

Transforming your attic space into a home office is a great way to use additional space that is already available to you. There are many ways to get creative when choosing how you wish to decorate and renovate your attic. As natural lighting may be limited in an enclosed space like this, it is important to look at what lighting fixtures you may need. The best option for most attics is to install some recessed LED fixtures that can tuck right into the walls or ceiling. Whether you work from home full-time or part-time, your attic can be the perfect space for a home office.

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2. Create the perfect ‘teen escape’


As children get older, they no longer want to hang around with their parents and crave a space of their own. By transforming the attic into an extra living room, you can create an area that the kids can enjoy. You could create a comfy entertainment area where they can hang out with their friends.  Consider adding a kitchenette with sink, mini-fridge and microwave – a great way to keep the ‘messy food’ area from spreading from kitchen to the attic.


3. Design the guest bedroom of your dreams

Have you always dreamed of having the perfect room for guests? Well, dream no more.

Converting your attic into an extra bedroom is a brilliant use of additional space. If you are concerned that your attic space is too small, consider adding a dormer. This may even allow you to install a powder room, always appreciated by guests. Small spaces require great innovation that usually means items that are pulling double or triple duty – in terms of function.  


4. Give yourself room to be creative

Are you an aspiring artist or accomplished crafter? Imagine having an artistic studio or craft room that is all your own?  By transforming the attic, it can be an easily accessible and spacious area where you can paint, sculpt, draw or create unique crafts without distractions. Your artistic endeavours may even add to the value of your home.


Don’t get too carried away with all the ideas you have for your attic space.  While your head may be ‘in the clouds’, you’ll need to have your feet firmly planted on the ground.  Contact a qualified construction company with a strong design background to help make the most of your space to make sure it meets Ontario Building Code standards.

Things to consider:

  1. Windows and points of egress.  Especially if you’re creating a bedroom – you must have a window large enough for an adult to escape through.   Additionally, if you’re looking to increase light – there are several options, including skylights or skytubes and the very innovative attic window balcony.

  2. Upgrading the ventilation – since your attic wasn’t initially designed for living space, it’s more than likely to require new insulation, and a new HVAC (heating, venting and air conditioning) system.  An economical way to get heat to your attic will be with a separate ductless system that doesn’t have to connect with whatever system you are currently using in your home.

  3. Structural Reinforcement – as mentioned earlier, the attic wasn’t originally designed to support furniture.  The walls and ceiling may require reinforcing. When converting your attic space, make sure your renovator builds walls and floors strong enough to sustain large structural pieces.   

For more tips and expert insight into renovating rooms like your attic or any other parts of your Toronto home, we urge you to check out the Bryant Renovations blog. Of course, for the best advice tailored to your unique home layout, always feel free to contact us to see how our design/build experts can work towards turning your vision into a reality.