Ideas For Renovating Your Toronto Garage

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Room For Your Car? 

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Have you noticed that garages are being used for more than just cars? It begs the question - what is actually in the garage? 

Toronto is a vibrant city, and it's attractive for many reasons - cultural diversity, first class restaurants, a thriving theatre & live music scene to name a few. However, you will find that there are concessions to be made for big-city living - smaller square footage being one of them. 

In an effort to create more space, many have turned their focus towards their garage

Storage is often in short supply - especially in older homes, many homeowners have resorted to using their garage as a cluttered and haphazard storage area. In this article, we'll explore some innovative garage renovation ideas as well as offer clever ways you can maximize the storage in your home. 

Option #1 Convert Your Garage

If you are able to park your car on the street or in your driveway - consider converting your garage into a living space. 

Garage Conversion Ideas

You can convert your garage into any room you feel your home is lacking. Essentially, there are no limits. 

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  • Bar/lounge

  • Extra living space

  • Bathroom

  • Bedroom

  • Granny/Nanny suite

  • Home gym

  • Extending current living space with an open concept

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The best garage conversions will make it seem as though the area was never a garage in the first place. Unless of course, you intend to incorporate some of your garage's elements in the design. 

Be sure to communicate with your renovator/designer regarding building permits. Make sure the space is built to Ontario Building Code standards and is energy efficient. Ensure the following items are incorporated into the renovation: 

  • Fully insulating the walls, floors and ceiling/attic

  • Replacing the garage door with a solid wall or wall of windows

  • Adding code compliant windows and doors

  • Adequate heating and cooling for the space

Option #2 Create More Space

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If your car is your prized possession and your 'baby', then getting rid of the garage may be out of the question. 

Many North Americans say their garage is too cluttered to park their car. If your goal is to have enough room for your car, then a new storage plan may be required for not only your garage but the rest of your property as well. 

We recommend vertical storage solutions, like the ones available through big box stores. Custom-built storage are wise solutions as well. If you have room in your basement - you could store items efficiently down there. Could you benefit from adding a shed in the backyard? Sheds are often a better place to store seasonal items such as: seasonal decorations, tires and gardening tools. 

After all of the above considerations you may decide that your best solution isn't in the available square footage you have, then a home addition is a great way to get the extra space required by you and your family. 

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So, What's Your Plan? 

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Whatever you are planning for a full garage conversion or are looking to renovate your home to create more space, having the advice of trusted, experienced design and build experts will help provide you with more insight and alternatives to explore. 

Contact the Toronto home renovation experts with over 40 years of experience at Bryant Renovations to see how you can improve your home today.