Avoid A Home Renovation Nightmare

Your Guide to a Disaster-Free Home Renovation


Welcome back readers – I know you’ve come to our blog to get professional renovation advice, and today is no exception.  We’ve all heard the renovation horror stories – whether at family gatherings, community events or articles you’ve read online.   It begins with a homeowners’ dream for a renovation that could be published in a magazine but, something goes horribly wrong and they are left with an unlivable space and looking for the offending contractor.  The results are frequently cataclysmic!

Enclosed are list of steps you can take to avoid a renovation nightmare.


1. Communicate

Communication is a two-way street!  Make sure you understand your contractor and that your contractor understands you.  This means – Get it in writing!  Your contractor is not a mind-reader, don’t assume that your ideas are clear – get confirmation both verbally and written.  If plans need to be changed make sure you understand why and the consquences.

Listen closely when your contractor speaks – they will often make suggestions that are tailor-made to suit your home and lifestyle.    Always look for a contractor that is willing to listen to your ideas.

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2. Stay Positive

Having various tradespeople traipsing around your home can be disconcerting.  Remember everyone working on your home, wants you to be happy and satisfied with their work.  Though it may feel like forever – in the life of your home, it’s shorter than you think.  Keep in mind – they are working to transform your home.  

In all the chaos – find a sanctuary in your home that will help keep you centered and focused on the ‘big picture”.

Follow our Home Renovation Plan, to make your renovation experience as smooth as possible.


3. Get Professional Help

There are so many renovators in Toronto - How can you know for sure that you’ve found the right contractor?

To make sure your renovator is a qualified professional read our article “10 Ways To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Renovation Company”. In the article, we highlight some tell-tale signs would be warning signs of a sketchy contractor.  These tips include:

  • avoid paying in cash, especially without a receipt.

  • avoid hiring contractors who demand a large deposit.

  • check the contractor’s professional affiliations, business license and references.

Your home is your most valued asset, ensure you are hiring a contractor with a stellar reputation.

4. Prepare for the unexpected

You’ve done all the necessary research, you’ve secured the financing, you’ve found a qualified and reputable renovator and all of your design choices have been made.  Have a contingency budget of at least 10% set aside for the unforeseen.  During a renovation – especially in an older home, your contractor may find things that were previously hidden from view.  Prepare for unexpected mold, shoddy work done by previous owners, or even projects that are not compliant with Ontario Building Code standards.

For more helpful tips on setting a budget for your home renovation, read our guide to setting a home renovation budget.


5. Get Permits and Approvals

Every major renovation will require permits and approvals.  The City of Toronto Building Permit must be posted before the work begins.  Beware any renovator that offers to save you money by not applying for zoning approval.  Without a proper permit, as the homeowner you may be vulnerable to many problems such as a stop-work order, heavy fines, or even having to remove the entire renovation due to zoning infractions.

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Relieve Stress from Your Home Reno

With over 25 years of home renovation experience, we at Bryant Renovations have developed a successful design and build process. From day one, we work with you to ensure your vision becomes realized in a timely and efficient manner.

Are you worried about your next home renovation becoming a nightmare? Contact our home renovation experts and we promise to lift that stress off of your shoulders. Feel free to contact us today and we will answer your questions and lead you on the path to a finished home project you will truly love.