5 Costly Bathroom Renovation Mistakes and How to Avoid them

Are you dreaming of transforming your dull and damp bathroom into a clean and modern oasis? You’ve received a few quotes and now you’re wondering if the cost of your home bathroom renovation is justified? It is; as long the work is it’s done properly.

Bathroom renovation is the top planned home renovation in Canada. We are all too familiar with stories of bathroom renovations that proved to be disappointing.

To avoid the cost of renovating your newly renovated bathroom, we advise that you take the following advice before you start your next project. We will cover some of the common mistakes others have unfortunately gone through, so you don’t have to.  

1. Leak-Proof

The most essential part of a bathroom renovation is what you cannot see!  The building-materials need to be properly installed – especially in areas that house water.  Often during bathroom demolitions, we notice damage in areas where the installation had been shoddy.  This is where a qualified professional plumber and tiler are essential.  The area’s most susceptible to water damage are the shower/tub drain, tiled walls, the seal where the faucets are attached to the main water source as well as the toilet base.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful and modern your new fixtures are – if they haven’t been properly installed, your new renovation will not hold up and will probably have to be re-renovated in a few years.

2. Ventilation

Shoddy or inexperienced workmanship isn’t the only way moisture can cause damage to your new renovation. The bathroom must be properly ventilated.  Make sure your bathroom is not a haven for mold and mildew. Ensure the bathroom fan is the right size for your bathrooms’ needs.  Most renovations will include a new fan installation – if not, ensure the vent has been properly cleaned out after the construction is completed.

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3. Design


You may have been inspired by a friend’s shower design or a vanity you saw at a home show. Before you get carried away trying to fit everything into your bathroom, you need to focus first on layout and spacing. The best bathroom designs originate when the function of the bathroom is included in the design plans. Our designers can help you get the look you want into the space that you have. Bathrooms tend to be small rooms that are packed with many multi-use fixtures.  Good design will always produce good function.  Make sure the scale of the finishes enhances rather than diminish the beauty of your space.

4. Durability

The bathroom is the most used room in your home and as a result is constantly under stress. Ensure the building materials you choose are designed to withstand many years of use and abuse, as well as extreme humidity levels. Solid quality materials together with good ventilation should allow your brand-new bathroom to last for many years.

5. Storage


When you’re in the design phase, take inventory!  Consider all the ways your bathroom will be used i.e., makeup, hair styling tools, hair styling products, as well as general grooming necessities, linen storage and linen requirements. A good designer will consider all these scenarios when designing a plan that will work for your family.

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Get your dream bathroom renovation done right the first time

When deciding between the costs of investing your time and hard-earned money into a bathroom renovation, it’s crucial that the materials used, the design, and the craftsmanship is of high-quality. If you’re thinking of saving a few hundred dollars by compromising on any of the previous areas, you may only be increasing the chance of renovation remorse.

When you have successfully avoided these renovation mistakes – you can rest assured that your bathroom renovation will last for years and years.  Contact the experienced Toronto bathroom renovators and designers at Bryant Renovations today to get the stunning bathroom you deserve.