7 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes You Need To Avoid

The kitchen is widely regarded as the most important room of the home. A great kitchen can also be a complex renovation. So when you opt for a kitchen renovation, it’s important you avoid these following design and remodel mistakes that get in the way of so many people's dream kitchens.


Mistake #1 - Not giving yourself enough space

When the family comes over for a feast and the kitchen gets tight, are you going to have enough counter space and elbow room to work? It’s vital that you provide yourself a considerable amount counter space beside the oven and both sides of the sink. If you have the space for a kitchen island, we highly recommend installing one.


Mistake #2 - Not optimizing for your workflow

Everyone works differently in a kitchen, and can benefit from a kitchen that is designed for the way they create. When you fail to add functionality into your kitchen design, you can find yourself becoming frustrated when preparing meals. The busiest in your kitchen are the sink, stove, and refrigerator. In your design, try to plan for a design that makes your move around the kitchen more efficiently.


Mistake #3 - Not giving yourself enough storage

Clutter is the enemy of all chefs. There are many different ways you can increase your kitchen storage efficiency. By finding cabinet and drawer opportunities in the planning stages, you can prevent costlier storage additions and excess clutter later on.


Mistake #4 - Comprising on your vision

You may not be truly happy with your end result when you compromise on your kitchen renovation. A great kitchen renovation will increase the overall value of your home and quality of life. A great kitchen remodel will last you and your family for years. When you invest in sub par appliances and opt for cheaper building materials, you may not be allowing your kitchen to reach it’s full potential.


Mistake #5 - Not budgeting correctly

Did you know that kitchen cabinets alone account for one third of most kitchen renovation budgets? While we can get carried away with designing our dream kitchen, it’s important to establish a solid budget. When your budget starts to get in the way of your ideal kitchen renovation, focus on the areas of your kitchen that need improvement right now. Then you can plan for the other upgrades later on.


Mistake #6 - Not designing for environment and feel

A great kitchen is typically described as a warm, cheery, and inviting room. When you don’t  carefully select a bright wall colour, proper lighting, and windows that offer natural light (and proper ventilation), you could find your kitchen isn’t providing the appeal you desire.


Mistake #7 - Being a lone wolf

Are you planning on going solo? Many times, even the best DIY experts get into trouble with the many complex designs involved in a kitchen renovation project. A home renovation expert will help take your vision for your dream kitchen and provide you valuable industry insights that will go a long way in making your dream possible. They can even give you idea’s you may not have considered. If you think you may miss a critical measurement, or could be forgetting a crucial step, contact your experienced Toronto kitchen renovation expert today.