Stop Putting Off That Home Renovation Project

Stop Putting Off That Home Renovation Project

Because that small project can become a large one sooner than you think.

How often do you find yourself fretting about a chipped or broken floor tile? Or distressing over the draft from the exterior door? Or bothered about guests having to use your not-quite-finished bathroom?  You’re “honey-dew” list is getting out of control – and the longer you wait to deal with these issues, the more pressing and possibly the more expensive they can be to resolve.  

Remember how much you loved your home when you first moved in?  It’s been several years now, and the love is gone. The pressures of everyday life – family and work, always seem to take priority and your home is left needing repair.  You’re wondering which inefficiencies are costing you the most money, or you may be wondering if it’s time to put your home on the market.  It’s time to make some positive changes!

Start feeling safer in your home

The most important home renovation projects to undertake are the ones that ensure your home is structurally safe and sound.  Be proactive and address safety issues as soon as you become aware of them.  

Whether it’s a leaky roof, poorly installed electrical wiring or a cracked foundation, have a qualified home renovation specialist look at your home.  Large problems like this can be expensive to fix and tend to get more expensive the longer you wait to deal with them.  No price can be placed on the health and safety of your family.

Winter weather can often be destructive to your home – and you’re not alone, roughly 35,000 Canadians experience winter weather related damage every year . Read our article “A Professional Toronto Basement Renovation Can Save You From Winter Water Damage Costs” to learn about some of the preventive measures you can take today.

Lower your utility costs

Torontonians are mindful of utility costs.  To help off-set some of these costs, contemplate renovations that incorporate new and innovative energy saving technologies.   Consider installing energy-efficient tankless water heaters, eco-friendly lighting solutions, sustainable building materials and/or solar panels as ways to create a more energy efficient home.

  • Install low-flow fixtures.

  • Install weather stripping to prevent or stop drafts

  • Install proper insulation.

  • Install a programmable thermostat.

  • Update old HVAC systems.

  • Update older appliances.

  • Contact an expert in home renovation.  

Looking to save some serious money by renovating your Toronto home? Read our article “How To Lower Utility Costs With Your Toronto Home Renovation” to find some more ways you can save on your home utility costs.

Make your home more appealing

In the current Toronto Housing market, sellers are king! However, homes that lack appeal such as an outdated kitchen, with outdated appliances, or worn flooring can sit on the market for months. Read our blog “8 Major Turnoffs for Toronto Home Buyers” to discover the areas of your home that are in need of renovation. 

Increasing the value of your home could be as simple as adding a modern finish and an aesthetically pleasing look. But to really boost the value, focus your energy on these aspects:

  • Creating space, open concept areas remain a big trend.

  • Landscaping, the outside of your home is the first thing buyers will see and needs to give a good first impression.

  • Lighting, buyers are attracted to light and bright rooms.

  • Flooring, is an area that buyers will notice initially upon entering your home and well-maintained flooring will give buyers the impression that your home is well cared for.

  • Painting – a fresh coat of paint is always welcome by potential buyers.  Remember neutral are colours safe choices.

  • New fixtures, such as lighting or faucets are small but, changing them can have a big impact. 

These are a few simple changes you can make to your home, that are sure to interest potential buyers. Updating and increasing the functionality of your home will increase its value for resale.  If you decide to stay, you and your family will enjoy the upgrades that have made your home safer and more livable.

Fall in love with your home again.

A visit with a home renovation expert will allow you to customize your home to your unique taste, and comfort. As trends change, Canadians are using their homes more and more, as places to relax, to socialize and even as places of work. Renovating could incorporate spaces, facilities, and technologies that support these changing trends. Your home renovation can improve all aspects of your lifestyle and that will enable the work/life balance you’ve been striving for. There are a multitude of ways in which you can renovate your home to improve its comfort and functionality. 

  • Create a home theatre to increase the entertainment value of your home

  • Finish your basement to give you more livable space in your home

  • Remove a wall to allow in more sunlight

  • Update a bathroom to improve the functionality and visual appeal

  • Create a custom office that would enable you to work from home

By hiring a Toronto design and renovation expert, you can create a comfortable and stylish home that speaks to your lifestyle.

Hire A Toronto Home Renovation Expert

The Toronto Home Renovation and Design experts at Bryant Renovations know exactly how revamp and personalize your home the way you want it. Trends change; your home may now be out-of-date and have some pressing issues, but with a new home renovation project, you'll fall back in love with the home you purchased. Contact our Toronto home renovation experts today!