Bryant Renovations Ltd is a niche renovator.  We are not a renovator of all things for all people.  We do design/build.  It is not just a cliché for us.  Project costs can be managed at the design stage with the involvement of the production side of the company that knows costs.  This makes possible a truly transformative and seamless renovation that can meet the unique needs of you and your family.  For us it is not enough to get a barebones permit and then build.   To get what you really want, time and effort must be spent with us in this process defining all of the details of the design.  It must be buildable and fit your budget. This is what we do well.  We won’t start a project before the outcome is known. 

Experience a renovation journey with a genuine design/build company where design and production are truly integrated.  This is how we can make a job go smoothly—the planning has been done.  With our system the ideas move smoothly into production were the creation comes to life.  Tweaks can be made on the way as design works with production and everybody knows the goal.  

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