10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Decorator

Interior decorators, when working together with an experienced Toronto home renovation expert can really help you turn your house into a home.  Here are 10 reasons why you should hire a professional decorator for your next renovation project. A decorator can help with every aspect of the renovation no matter the size. Of course, if it’s a small project the meeting time will be considerably shorter opposed to a larger scale home renovation.


For larger renovations the interior decorator will join the project after the architect has designed the space or the decorator will work hand-in-hand with the architect. Some of the many benefits hiring a professional decorator include:


1. Help Clarify Vision

It’s often helpful for a couple to hear the perspective a 3rd person when they are trying to focus in on their requirements for their home.  It can be challenging and helpful to have to explain your vision to someone who doesn’t know you like your partner does. It is often at this point that clients need to take a break and really discuss their visions for the space. Before the renovation has begun is a great time to have this conversation. Once demolition has begun – it can be very expensive to halt production so the couple can clarify their vision for the space.


2. An Expanded List of Possibilities

You’ve probably gotten used to seeing your home in a particular way.  A decorator can come in and see potential in your home that you had not envisioned.  Remember, your decorator has seen and completed many projects.  Often the problems ‘unique’ to your home are situations that have been dealt with in the past. The Construction Team may have even more design solutions to your problem area.


3. ‘Avoid Tunnel Vision with some ‘Fresh Eyes’

It’s so easy to see your home  the way you’ve always seen it. Decorators can often get a ‘bird’s eye view’ of your home and see a design element that you have been overlooking.  For example – you may have often focused on the windows for design inspiration, your decorator may see design potential in the arched doorways or the antique newel post.


4. They Keep You on Budget

Your decorator can see your budget as a whole, this can be a real benefit especially if it means saving on flooring so you can splurge on that opulent tile you’ve been dreaming of.


5. Ally, Liaison & BFF

During your renovation your decorator can be your best friend, ally, and confidant. Often they will be available at any time and they  often speak ‘your language’. If the contractor is a little intimidating to deal with, your decorator will help to ensure that the contractor understands your vision. They’ll also liaise with the contractor throughout the process. Many times the decorator will order your design choices personally – so nothing gets lost in translation.            


6. Access to Resources

the decorator has access to a different set of stores. The Big Box stores are a good place to start but, your decorator can purchase from the supplier and often will have a greater selection to choose from, this may even mean better pricing for the client.


7. Code Compliant

Your decorator will have an understanding of building and electrical code compliance. It’s good to know the limitations of your designs as early in the project as possible. Of course, some issues won’t arise until the demolition has begun.


8. Safety vs. Design

Your decorator will ensure that your home is code compliant and that it’s done in a manner that suits your personal style.  For example – you may require a safety element such as a column or air ducting, your decorator will ensure that the safety feature isn’t an eyesore.


9. Designer Flare

Interior Decorators often focus on materials – such as tile, paint & flooring, space planning, colour and décor styles.  Their expertise in these areas can really help your vision for your home come together.  Giving you a house that you love to come to everyday.


10. Time, time, time

Your decorator will work tirelessly on your project. They’ll source products, materials. Getting you the most up-to-date styles or the newest innovations in décor and design. They will keep you on track, ensuring that the project decisions are made in a timely and orderly manner.

When you contact an experienced Toronto home renovation expert, you are looking to make a solid investment. Coupled with an interior designer, your home will be both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. With over 25 years of home renovation experience in Toronto, Bryan Renovations has helped many people in the city get the home renovation they’ve always dreamed of. They’ve worked with many Toronto home decorators and have a long rolodex of the best designers in the GTA.  Get in touch with the renovation experts at Bryant Renovations today to see how we can make your vision of a new Toronto basement renovation come true.