Contemporary Interior Design Trends For 2019

Contemporary Interior Design Trends For 2019

What’s hot in contemporary home decor and interior design? It changes all the time - but thankfully, our designers have their ears to the ground on current trends. If you’ve got an itch to remodel parts of your home, this is a great place to start.

Read on to learn about:

  1. General trends in interior design for 2019

  2. Kitchen design ideas

  3. Dining room design ideas

  4. Living room design ideas

  5. Bathroom design ideas

  6. Basement design ideas

We hope you are inspired by this comprehensive guide to what’s in right now in the world of interior design.

1. Interior Design Styles | What’s Hot Right Now?

Open-Concept Spaces

Walls are out, open-concept spaces are in. By eliminating barriers between two rooms, or even a whole floor, you create an airy space that can breathe. Being able to cook while speaking to guests in your lounge or watch TV while supervising your child in the kitchen provides a more meaningful connection with those you share your home with.

Open kitchen/family room by bba ARCHITECTS. Photo Credit: Steve Hall/Hedrich Blessing Photography via  Dering Hall .

Open kitchen/family room by bba ARCHITECTS. Photo Credit: Steve Hall/Hedrich Blessing Photography via Dering Hall.

Some Tips For Designing Open-Concept Spaces:

  • Plan ahead on how you want to use the space: create distinct groupings by function and use visual cues to separate areas. Slight variations in colour can also help with this purpose.

  • Keep the space walkable: As in any home, the pathways around the sections need to be open and feel natural. It helps to focus on minimalism in design for this purpose, which we discuss later in this post.

  • Plan out your focal points: Each space needs a fixture that helps draws the eye and further helps demarcate the space. Plants, appliances, or light fixtures can all help serve this purpose.

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Multi-Functional Spaces

As people are learning to make do with less space, multi-function rooms are in right now. For example, murphy beds can free up space for a playroom or office in a bedroom, or you can incorporate office space into your open concept ground floor.

Multi-functional furniture such as ottomans with storage or pull-out couches both aid in the quest for more liveable space.

Rich Colours

While the colour scheme in some spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom are generally still muted, many homeowners are going for richer colours in their living areas, dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. These rich colours bring out the personality of your home and make neutral-coloured furnishings in those rooms really stand out.

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Colour Palette For Your Home Renovation.jpg

Natural Elements

Industrial design-schemes are starting to phase out in favour of designs with natural elements. Wood, stone, metals, concrete or granite walls or accents give your home a feeling of authenticity.

Large statement plants are also hot right now in the modern home. A Chinese money tree or rubber tree both add life to your home, are easy to care for, and help keep the air in your home fresh.

Metal Accents

Metallic accents add a lustrous quality to any room in a home. You can add metallic panels to a wall to create a unique accent to your design scheme or incorporate metallic fixtures such as faucets or lamps. 

Try earthy metals like copper or brass to accent wooden fixtures or to complement a white and gray industrial design scheme. Stainless steel, nickel or chrome fixtures look great set against any design scheme you can imagine.


Long gone are the days of displaying all the family heirlooms and knickknacks in every room. Many homeowners are embracing the type of minimalism embraced by Marie Kondo - less is more; and if it doesn’t bring you joy, don’t keep it.

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2. Kitchen Ideas

White Cabinets & Drawers and Wood Accents

White is still in for kitchen cabinets, drawers, and fixtures. White keeps your kitchen looking lustrous when the natural light of morning spills in through the windows. According to a Houzz survey, 40% of homeowners opt for white cabinetry

To add some variety, many of these homeowners will add a few drawers or other fixtures in natural wood grain. These natural elements add a layer of rustic farmhouse living to a home of any size. You can also opt to add a bright oven range/hood to add a little colour to the space.

transitional interior design.png

Soft Colours

If white isn’t your thing (it can be hard to keep clean), soft colours are also prominent in modern kitchens. A two-tone colour scheme that incorporates cream or eggshell with a soft blue or rose tone can add warmth to a smaller kitchen.

Tile Backsplash

A tile backsplash can add a bit of flair to an otherwise neutral kitchen colour scheme. Tiles allow you to explore playing with rich colours and patterns if you’re otherwise trying to stay fairly neutral and safe in your interior design.

Marble vs. Quartz Countertops

Granite is out. Marble is good, but quartz is the hot ticket right now. While there are less interesting colour patterns in quartz, the material is much more durable than marble - and cheaper to boot. Unlike marble, quartz is also completely non-porous and more resistant to heat.

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3. Dining Room Ideas

Less Formal, More Casual

Many homeowners are shying away from the formal elegance of the traditional dining room towards space with more personality. As it is a room that is used primarily for special occasions, you can try different styles that reflect a different side of your aesthetic than the rest of the home.

Try including upholstered chairs with unique patterns and using bring colours that infuse cheer and life into any gathering.

Unique Light Fixtures

Forget the stuffy chandelier and aim for a light fixture that’s truly unique. Some are harkening back to the age of art nouveau or the 70s for inspiration or looking to local artisans. A one-of-a-kind hand-crafted light fixture makes your home unique and makes for a true conversation piece.

Gather some ideas for unique light fixtures from this post by Elle Decor.

Accent pieces

In the same vein as your light fixture, consider removing the stuffy curio cabinet and looking for unique accent pieces. Rugs, tapestries, paintings, or other unique object d’art that fit with the aesthetic you are creating add more impact to the space than a cabinet full of porcelain figurines.

4. Living Room Ideas

Vary Your Textures

Texture is an underrated aspect of design, and the living room is a great place to try playing with various textures. More than the feel on your fingers, textures also help add depth to a room and its fixtures.

Try contrasting items and textures such as furniture in leather or fabric such as velvet, a wool rug, silky drapes, a marble fireplace, or wooden drawers and end tables.

Photo Credit: 2id Interiors via  Trendir .

Photo Credit: 2id Interiors via Trendir.

Wood or Wallpaper Accents

The living room is where we spend a lot of our time lounging and having a wood or wallpaper accent on a focal wall adds a playful and comforting feeling to space. This trend also helps you develop the variation in textures that help the room pop.

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5. Bathroom Ideas

Shower Ledges and Niches

A shower ledge or niche provides homeowners with a natural space to place toiletries that blends in naturally with your tiling. 

Many homeowners are opting for ledges, as niches require more work from a construction perspective. You only need to build-out your shower a few extra inches to add a handy ledge across the width of your shower.

Custom Wood Vanities

As with the aforementioned rooms, natural wood fixtures are really in right now. Having a unique vanity that is custom-tailored for your space helps your bathroom feel homey. Floating vanities are particularly trendy right now in smaller bathrooms.

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6. Basement Ideas

Multi-function design 

Just like other floors, open-concept basements are in right now. Removing walls helps promote a sense of community and opens up what can otherwise be a somewhat stuffy space. This is particularly true of smaller basements where the real estate is limited.

You can integrate various functions into this combined space such as the lounge, exercise area, game room, bar or play area.

finish your toronto basement.jpg

Basement Guest Suite

Whether integrated into your open-space concept or separate, having a guest bedroom is key in smaller homes for hosting guests over extended periods. More and more people are making these spaces into fully designed suites that are comfortable for long-term stays, complete with a vanity, couch, and storage units.

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