4 Elements Of The Minimalist Design Trend

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Defining The Minimalist Style

We have all heard the phrase “there is beauty in simplicity” and the minimalist design style exemplifies it. The minimalist style has been favoured by many for years and has become a very popular style of interior design. It is an interior design style that is achieved through the use of delicately placed functional furniture and objects combined with basic, simplified colours. Think a monochrome colour scheme with strict geometrical shapes throughout.

Simplicity and effortlessness sit at the heart of this design style and when achieved correctly can have a profound effect on the atmosphere of a home. Whether you are currently undergoing a home renovation or are looking to spruce up an area of your house, the minimalist style is certainly an interior contender to consider.

4 Minimalistic Elements To Consider In Your Home

There are many distinguishing elements of the minimalist design trend and various versions too, e.g. Japanese minimalism and Swedish minimalism. However, there are a number of core elements that are commonly found in each version of this design style. If you are considering adopting a more minimalistic interior design style in your home, these are the top four elements you must incorporate into your home.

Open Space

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The concept of movement is particularly important when it comes to incorporating minimalism into your home. The modern minimalistic trend evokes and implies a lot of space and calls for the removal of partitions and walls. Consider making your kitchen space an open plan by combining it with a dining area or living space. The idea here is to make all the lines in your home seamless and to create the illusion of space even if you don’t have the square footage to support it.

Natural Light

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The use of natural light is a particularly distinguishing element of the minimalist design trend. Not only does it make your home look bright and airy, but it also helps to enhance the feeling of spaciousness and modernism. Consider incorporating large windows throughout your home to bring as much natural light into the property as possible. If this isn’t an option, placing large mirrors that will reflect the light can also be very impactful. However, natural light is the aim here.

Quality Fixtures & Furniture

A modern and minimalistic design calls for quality fixtures and furniture. Consider investing in designer light fittings, contemporary gas fireplaces and high-grade storage units. These are all impressive and excellent ways to decorate without making your home feel cluttered.  When it comes to choosing materials, it is often best to stick to clean cut materials such as chrome steel, glass, ceramics or natural stone. Incorporating these elements as part of the interior design aspects of your home will help you to achieve the atmosphere this design style exudes; simplicity and elegance.

For furniture, consider choosing pieces that have a geometric shape and keep in line with the clean-cut elegance of the fixtures. Pieces with a subtle roundness can enhance the elegance of this design style but should not become the main feature.

The Art Of Decluttering


The minimalist design trend is more than just an interior design style but rather it is a lifestyle. This type of design calls for the process of decluttering. An average household has approximately 300,000 items. By incorporating minimalism as part of interior design, these items will be dramatically reduced. The aim of this design trend is to have a home that enhances the simplicity of living. With little ornaments and belongings taking up unnecessary space, the minimalist style allows you to live in a space that promotes a stress-free and happy way of living.  

Finding An Interior Style For You

There are many different interior design styles for individuals to choose from and each style will speak to a person’s personality, interests and lifestyle. So, whether you are decorating your home for the first time or renovating a well-loved house contact Bryant Renovations today and we will help you find the perfect interior style for you.

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