4 Top Tips for Managing a Renovation

With dozens of television shows on what can be achieved, it’s no surprise we are all a little renovation-crazy. But actually undergoing a renovation can be a lot to take on. Between suppliers, hiccups, finances and more, this type of overhaul has the potential to be a chaotic and stressful experience.  Here are four tips for managing a successful renovation:

1. Choosing the contractor: Arguably the most important step is finding the right person for the job. Do your research. Check sites like HomeStars.com for homeowner reviews and the contractor’s site for examples of their work and ask for a list of current references. Investing time upfront could potentially save thousands.

2. Get it in writing: Equally important is documenting the agreement. Things to include, aside from contact information are total costs (including a contingency) and payment schedule, outline of responsibilities from both parties (e.g. who is responsible for permits), code of conduct and daily work schedule.

3. Check-ins: Depending on the duration and scale of the renovation, consider weekly check-ins with your contractor. This will not only ease your mind, but help ensure everything is on track and mitigate any potential issues early.

4. Contingency plan: We’ve all seen the shows when a simple renovation goes horribly awry. A thorough contingency plan addressing potential issues like work stoppages due to permits or bad weather will help guide next steps. This plan goes hand-in-hand with the contingency budget and is a helpful document in times of crisis.

With some simple advance preparation and research, homeowners can achieve their dreams through a relatively pain-free renovation. So easy in fact, you may want embark on your next renovation sooner than you think. More information is available at www.homestars.com.