Spring Time Deck Revitalization

Spring is in the air. The migratory birds are back and you’re looking forward to spending some quality time enjoying your backyard and deck in particular. Sometimes we’re so excited to hop into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to be outside, we can forget that our deck likely needs a lot of revitalization. You may be ready for the deck but, is your deck ready for you and your guests? We need to ensure that our deck and backyard look great and inviting.

Let’s begin with discussing how we can revitalize the centerpiece of our backyard sanctuary - the deck.

1. Assess what needs to be done

We should start by analyzing how well the structure of the deck has weathered during the cold winter of Toronto. Exterior Renovations always begin with the assessment of any maintenance you may have to do, no matter the size. Any small issues in regards to the structural integrity of the deck must be dealt with right away, rather than having it grow to serious problem later on. Be sure to clean-up the space, and make sure to get into the corners and remove any standing water. Check that the posts & railings are sturdy and can withstand a guest leaning or even sitting on it. Once you’ve confirmed the soundness of your deck, next you can begin the deck refinishing process.

2. Clean and prepare the surface

Before you even think about painting or staining your deck you must follow this crucial step. You must first rid your deck of any dirt, mould and mildew that may be on it. You can use a deck cleaners or a power washer for this process. When using a power washer try not overdoing it as it could damage the wood. Then you should wait about 24 hours until it is properly dried before scraping off any dry paint.

3. Paint or stain

Once you have a dry, clean and clear patio you can break out the brush and begin to add the colour to your deck. Try to avoid applying in direct sunlight and make sure there is no rain heading your way in the next day or so. Try testing your stain on a small area of the deck to see if you like how it looks. Once you like what you see, start applying to the whole deck. Just make sure you are applying the paint or stain using long and smooth strokes in the same direction and be sure not to overdo it.

4. Protect and seal

After you marvel at your masterpiece you must begin to protect and seal your job. In order to have your work look as long as possible you must look for a product that fills cracks, locks down splinters and waterproofs all in one. This coating can expand with the wood with no cracking or peeling. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions; this usually means applying one or two coats with a roller. Allow a day or two for it to dry, then replace your outdoor patio furniture.

When Refinishing Your Deck Isn’t Enough

Of course there are some decks that have either seen too many Toronto winters, were built improperly, have taken on too much damage, or have simply fallen out of favour. If you feel you are at that stage, then it is best not to spend any unnecessary time attempting to spruce it up. Contact a renovation expert to assess the state of the deck and what your options will be. With the creative mind of the Toronto home renovation experts at Bryant Renovations, you can start a conversation that is guaranteed to lead to some backyard deck plans to get your imagination going. Or better yet, an amazing new backyard sanctuary!

Post Deck Revitalization Considerations

When the deck is in order, you will be freer to consider what type of atmosphere you’d like to create in your backyard. Consider the company you keep – would you like your yard to be place of quiet reflection or would you prefer “Party Central”, or something in between?

When you’ve decided the atmosphere you’d like to create you would next want to consider the furnishings. Make sure that your furniture can handle all types of weather.  With our Toronto summers, you’re guaranteed at least one heavy rainfall with a lot of wind. Please make sure your furniture can withstand the elements or that the pieces and be easily picked up and stored out of harm’s way.

All that’s left after that to consider is whether a nice juicy steak or perhaps some old fashioned burgers will be the first on the menu come barbecue season.

Using this guide will give you a head start, however hiring experienced renovation professionals will only make it easier. They are familiar with the requirements, challenges, and rewards of making your deck stand out. Get started with your Toronto deck renovation today!