Kitchen Confidential - 4 Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen

You love to cook, you love to entertain, and you privately refer to yourself as a gourmand, though you wouldn’t say it out loud.  You want to up your cooking game.  Being as diverse a city as it is, Toronto is brimming with cuisines of all cultures, so you definitely have no shortage of inspiration.  Now you’ve decided that the time has come to invest in your home, renovate your kitchen and rejuvenate the space.  We’ve come up with a few ideas to help you make it the most dynamic room of your house.

1. Go Stainless.

Nothing looks more professional (and, dare we say, even sexy) than a kitchen filled with stainless steel appliances.  Not only will these give the room a uniform look, but the reflective quality will brighten the room.  Stainless steel is often easy to clean, just make sure you use a soft cloth and never steel wool!

2.  Bring Your Garden Inside.

If you have a window in your kitchen, why not build a small herb garden?  Nothing beats the flavour of fresh herbs added to a dish in the last minutes of cooking.  Freeze-dried parsley on top of that spaghetti?  No thanks.  Most herbs grow very easily with just soil, water and light.  It is best to separate the various herbs from each other though as some grow faster than others and may quickly take over the planter (mint is particularly guilty).

3. Be an Islander.

People love watching others cook.  Some genius realized that, started The Food Network, and the rest is history.  Unfortunately, so many stoves and cooktops face a wall, so if you’re entertaining, you’re not facing your guests.  If you have the space, consider installing an island with a cooktop or sink in the middle of the kitchen.  Place a pair of stools on the other side, and unleash your inner Top Chef.

4.  Today’s Special.

A simple, elegant and inexpensive addition to your kitchen could be a menu board.  Ideal for entertaining, but also a fun way to jazz up dinner for your family or just your partner.  A chalkboard looks nicer than a dry-erase board, and cleans easily with a wet cloth.  When you’re truly inspired or trying something new, writing out the list of courses turns dinner into a presentation.

Cooking, even for people who love it, can be tedious sometimes, but having a newly renovated kitchen space that is fresh and vibrant will inspire you to not just cook, but to create.  Bon appétit!