During the initial meeting in your home, we learn your requirements and show you work in our portfolio that is relevant to your renovation.  To help you determine that we are the right contractor for your home, we make available references and, when possible, visits to our current renovation sites to meet the people who work with us and allow you to see our high standard of craftsmanship.

For smaller renovations, we all sign a contract, and, upon request, we show you our liability insurance, our Workers’ Compensation certificate, and our up-to-date city licence. Then we begin working on your renovation.

Larger renovations require highly detailed planning and scheduling of trades.   We agree on a price range for your renovation.  A letter of intent is signed and a deposit is given to validate your decision to work with Bryant Renovations.  Then we do the detailed and professional planning a major renovation requires. 

We bring each of the trades-people to your home, have them submit exact prices, and work schedule to ensure that your renovation is completed on time.  We develop a detailed, itemized contract, so that you can see exactly what you are paying for.

The costs are then submitted and calculated by Bryant Renovations, should the costs of materials change, for example, and the final price with all the items detailed be higher than the price range we agreed on, you have a choice; you may continue with Bryant Renovations, or you may ask for your deposit to be refunded.

When a detailed contract has been signed, it governs the work.  The major work begins as scheduled. To make changes or amendments to the original renovation contract, a change work order must be signed and the price adjustments will be made accordingly.  As work begins, we deal with any questions or concerns you have through day-to-day communications.  We know that a smoothly run renovation, completed on schedule, is important for your satisfaction and is our best recommendation.

BILD – Code of Ethics
Members of the Building Industry and Land Development Association shall...

  1. Comply with applicable building codes of Canada as a minimum standard for construction and shall work toward its improvement in the interests of structural sufficiency, safety, and health.
  2. Plan their projects to conform to the principles of good community planning and support for the environment.
  3. Deal justly with their employees, subcontractors, and suppliers of all goods and services.
  4. Deal honestly and fairly with their customers and stand behind the quality of their work and service commitments.
  5. Exchange information and experience, and encourage research on materials, technical advancements and building techniques in order to provide the best value for their customers.
  6. Avoid all conduct or practice detrimental to the land development and building industry, to the Association, to the good name or reputation of any of its members, or its customers.
  7. Commit to continuing learning through human resource policies and practices, including employment practices which treat employees as assets.
  8. Actively promote health and safety principles.
  9. Treat their competitors, including their property and ideas, with respect.

These responsibilities are freely and solemnly assumed as they form part of an obligation as members of the BILD, OHBA and CHBA.