$115,000.00 renovation + $4,000.00 design

Renovation was complete gut and rebuild of kitchen & bathroom.  Additionally,  we rebuilt the side entryway and the bathroom extension were which included replacing the windows and doors.  The exterior of the home was reinforced to bring up to current building code standards and, siding was replaced with fiber cement board. 

Client Profile

Darren is a healthcare professional in his early fifties, he is in a long-term committed relationship but, he and his partner do maintain separate homes.  He had been living in the home for more than 20 years.  It is well situated nestled in the heart of the Riverdale.

Issue & Resolution

The architecture of the home is cottage style, built in the late 1800’s initially for working class families.  Since the home is more than 100 years old, it required substantial repairs.  We gave the home modern amenities and kept the ‘old world’ charm.  Previous homeowners had built extensions, such as porch and a bathroom.  They were not well built – they leaked cold air, weren’t particularly sound and were literally hanging off the house.  We had to rebuild the extensions and make sure they adhered to current building code standards, consequently much of the work done at this home was structural.  We put siding on the exterior of the home, installed new windows and doors, and re-shingled the roof.

It was important for Darren to keep the 130-year-old personality of the home during the design process.

The floor is a beautiful deep slate grey ceramic tile.  The custom-made cabinetry, features painted wood cabinets.  The Countertop is made from Soapstone from Great Mountain Soapstone. Soapstone, unlike granite, is essentially impenetrable and will last virtually forever.

The backsplash is Bianca Carrara Marble subway tile.

Some of the other features include the breathtaking chandelier, and the gleaming chrome Moen faucet which references the old-world charm of the homes' past.