August 2012

Hi Dennis, I promised you a few words, here they are:
We used Bryant Renovations for a recent job, and were very pleased with the results.  The work was done the way we wanted it in a timely manner, we were consulted at the appropriate level, post-work cleanup was perfect, and the carpenter who did the work was very pleasant and hardworking.
Toronto, ON

We've received tons of compliments from admiring passers-by!  Amazing!!  Gorgeous porch! Love the new porch!  Your new porch looks fantastic! Great job on the porch! One person even said "You must have an amazing architect!" there you go.. that one's for you directly!
We love the porch and can't wait till everything is done and we can furnish it and enjoy sitting out there.
Landscaping will have to wait until the fall.
Sheila G.,
Toronto, ON

Hi Trevor
I'm sure David's done all kinds of gushing already, but it's my turn to tell you how thrilled we both are with all the work you and Stepan have done. Thanks as well for making the entire experience so comfortable - pleasurable even - it makes such a huge difference when you can work with someone who will not only make excellent recommendations and break bad news gently.
Anyway, we really have to get our act together and have you and Steven for drinks or something so you can bask in the glory of it all.
Thanks again.