March 2008

Hi Dennis,
Hope all is well. Over a year has passed since the work your team did at our house and it's overdue to say thanks for the outstanding job. The quality is excellent and we are very satisfied with both the work and the experience in doing business with your company. I continue to refer Bryant Renovations and will be calling you soon to discuss an additional project.
Thanks again.

February 2007

I'm wishing you an excellently happy birthday today, Trevor.
I hope you can spend the day exactly as you would like to spend it, and I hope there will be some special birthday moments for you.
One of the best parts for me of planning this repair-and-upgrade to my house has been getting to know you. I felt an instant connection and trust on the very first visit you made to my house --- I remember standing on the front porch to see you off and being intensely aware of this --- it was the precise opposite feeling I had been led to expect by everyone I know who has had anything done to their house.
That is because your generosity of spirit, and your integrity, and your open-mindedness, have a beautiful energy of their own. I have never lost my awareness of that, and I continue to appreciate them, and to appreciate you.
Your wonderful enthusiasm for my project has helped to keep my spirits high on the subject, and your practical help and advice have helped make it possible at all, and this has also been meaningful to me. Thank you. 
Birthdays are such a good opportunity to celebrate people who are special to us, and I celebrate you today.
I hope the coming year will be a healthy and happy one for you, and will also be full of great success, however you define it.
With warm best wishes on your special day,
Toronto, ON